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12-Month Subscription

12-Month Subscription

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Flair & Paper delivers a surprise collection of carefully-curated greeting cards & stationery items to your doorstep. Each month you'll receive a custom-designed package filled with our favorite:  

• 4-5 greeting cards (some sassy ... some sweet)
• 1-2 Stationery items to give or to keep (we won't judge)
• New Designs released every month

Never miss another holiday or birthday. Your subscription will deliver a freshly-curated collection of hard-to-part-with cards & stationery items.  $4.00/month US shipping.

Billed every 12 Months

Subscription Boxes are shipped the 1st of every month.
Order by the 30th to ensure you don't miss out!
Cancel anytime.

SEPTEMBER boxes ship 9/1/19